Thursday, June 25, 2009

Body Transformation Week 11 Update!! 1 More week to go!!

Week 12 of my Body Transformation has almost arrived and not a moment too soon I think. While I have made great gains, I was really starting to slack these last few weeks. Only working out every second day and really cheating a lot with my food. But After next week, when I finish putting up my after pictures so you can see my great abs. (or lack of them), I am going to start a revamp my diet, and start a new workout routine to keep everything fresh.

While my muscle definitions has really gotten better, I didn't pick up a lot of weight, and didn't lose so much fat either. I am sure when I restart my muscle building program that I will see even more gains. Patience is the key, I guess.

So please watch out for my next post, because that will be the one where I grunt and groan and show my muscles and then it's up to you guys to decide if my hard work paid off and how much it did. Until next time then...

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