Wednesday, July 8, 2009

End of my First 12 Weeks of my Body Transformation

This week was the end of Week 12 of my muscle building body transformation while on the No-Nonsense Muscle Building Program. I am by no means finished with this body transformation, but being finished with the first 12 weeks, means that I am not a complete newbie to muscle building and weights training anymore, and that is definately a good thing.

So where's the After photos? I am going to take them soon as I have time and put them on the blog, so look out for that. I made some pretty good progress even though I couldn't really hold out with my diet, cheating a lot and stuff, hehe. I also got a bit lazy the last few weeks, when it was so hot here in London. The airconditioning at our gym really sucks bad, so that didn't help a lot for the motivation.

Where to from here? I am going to change my workout split and routine this week and start with some fresh exercises next week to keep the body guessing. This way I will get more muscle growth.

Keep tuned for the after pictures coming up!

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