Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Body Transformation Week 5 Update and Workout Split Change

Week 5 of my muscle building body transformation and I am still going strong. Or am I? I decided to make some tweaks to my current workout split and get a more effective workout routine. I also changed my diet to get more muscle gain.

My new workout split:
I got my new workout routine from a list of best workout routines. With my new workout routine, I don't over train my triceps and biceps anymore. I do my triceps with my chest and do my biceps with my back and lats. I also moved legs to a totally new Day 4. I also use this day for additional cardiovascular training. After day 4, I take a day rest and then start with day 1 again. I will continue with this routine for at least 4 weeks.

Day 1:
- 7 Minute warm-up
- Chest:
3 Exercises - 3 Sets - 8-12 reps
- Triceps: 3 Exercises - 3 Sets - 8-10 reps

Day 2:
- 7 Minute warm-up
- Shoulders/traps: 4 Exercises - 3 Sets - 8-12 reps
- Abs/Core: 4 Exercises - 3 Sets - 12-15 reps

Day 3:
- 7 Minute warm-up
- Back/Lats: 4 Exercises - 3 Sets - 8-12 reps
- Biceps/forearms: 4 Exercises - 3 Sets - 8-10 reps

Day 4:
- 15 Minutes Interval treadmill training
- Legs: Leg press 4 x 10, quads 4x10, hams 4x10, calves 4x10

How did I change my diet?
As you know I make use of the awesome fat loss guide, Fat Loss 4 Idiots, for my eating needs. I have picked up lean muscle and lowered my fat percentage, but I decided I am going to concentrate more on bulking now, so I am going to increase my food intake. I am taking an additional protein shake per day. I also try to take in more meats and I realized that I am not taking in enough carbs, so I upped my carbs intake, but still try to use only brown carbs and vegetables. Hope this will speed up my muscle gain.

I hope these changes will help, if you have any comments or advice on these I would appreciate it a lot!

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