Friday, May 22, 2009

My Muscle Building Before and After Photos (Week 6))

The end of Week 6 of my Muscle Building and Fat Loss Body Transformation has arrived and as promised I took some photos! Since the start of my body transformation I have gained about 3 kg. I had a problem with the scale in the beginning so I am not sure if my starting weight was right. Although I cheated a lot with my eating, (eating far too fatty foods during lunch and also not enough protein, because I work away from home) I stand by my motto which is that the mirror doesn't lie. I still have tons of work left, but I can definately see some overall improvement in my body.

Well, here are my muscle building before and after photos:

Week 1 -----------------------------------> Week 6

And no muscle building before and after photo post would be complete without some posing and muscle flexing photos, so here are some of my shots, hehe. You can also see workout videos of mine. See my Dumbbell Curls Video for instance.

Well, like you can see, still a far way to go. Normal body transformation competitions usually give you 12 weeks to transform, so according to that standard, I am halfway through. I will upload muscle building before and after photos again soon after 3 weeks. Until then, see you around, and please feel free to leave any comments or advice that you can give. You can also see my workout routines and exercises with videos at

Previous before and after photos:

1. Week 1 Before photos

2. Week 3 Before and After Photos

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