Monday, April 27, 2009

Week 1 of my Body Transformation with before pictures

I started with my Body Transformation on Thursday, April 16th 2009. I have just returned from a wonderful holiday with my Girlfriend from Turkey, where we got engaged. Of course I stuffed myself, eating out 3 times a day. So we returned I decided to go to the gym and start my new diet and fitness programs the very next day. I really needed some weight loss after that, hehe. It was almost the end of the week, so I will just count days from April 16th to Saturday, April 25th as Week 1 of my body transformation. And from then on every Sunday to Saturday will be one more week.

Here are some before pictures of me that I took just before I went on the holiday to turkey. (Before Week 1. Let's say April 16th, 2009)

Front: Week 1 - 69kg

Side: Week1 - 69kg

As you can see I've got no muscle definition whatsoever, thin petite arms with a fat belly that screams "punch me". These photos are a great motivation for me, because with the help of my workout and diet programs there is no way that I could look crappier, haha. Only forward with my weight loss and muscle building from here!

Keep tuned for my update on how I survived week 1 and week 2 and look out for my brand new pics at week 3! I'm sure we will be shocked!

Read about how and why I started my Body Transformation.

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