Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How did I survive the first 2 weeks of my Body Transformation?

Setting of to the local gym I was really excited and motivated for my new weight loss and muscle building Body Transformation. Full of confidence that I will be able to keep up with all the heavy training and dieting. But all was not as easy as I thought it would be...

I quickly realized that I am not as fit or strong as I thought I was. I decided to just get my body used to all the exercise first and do all my workouts at 60% max lift weight. I kept going with my workout program and worked out 5 days per week for the first 2 weeks. The second week I started working heavier weights and really pushed myself to fail each set. Could really feel the pump, hehe. I kept to my fat loss and muscle building diet, which includes an average of 4 means per day. Eating mostly lean meats, healthy carbs and vegetables and salad. I also had a protein shake or two on all my lifting days.

What is my workout split? I decided I am going to use a 3 day workout split, meaning I have a day 1, day 2, day 3, and then I start with day 1 again. Sometimes I take a break on the 4 day and start day 1 after that. For starters my muscle building workout program consists mainly training my all my bigger muscles, different muscles each day so I don't over train and my muscles get enough time to rest and get stronger.

I will post a full workout split and the exercises with sets and reps in another post later, but here are the basics:

- Warm up (5 minutes tread mill and stretching)
- Chest
- Legs

Day 2:
- Warm up
- Shoulders/traps
- Biceps/forearms
- Abs/core
- Cardio 15 mins

Day 3:
- Warm up
- Back/lats
- Triceps
- Cardio 15 mins

I was pretty sore and stiff the first week, but I am already feeling better and I can see how I got stronger, already lifting a lot more, and not getting so sore anymore. The diet is pretty difficult to hold without cheating as my girlfriend still wants to eat pasta and bacon etc. sometimes and of course then there's the weekends, where all the housemates party and drink and barbeque (We South Africans like our BBQ) So I guess I am still cheating at least 2 days out of the week. But mostly I improved my diet a lot. I will upload my next pictures at the end of week 3.

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